Sunday, December 4, 2011

China's Cleantech Success: Part II - Opportunities for Collaboration

Watching the rise of cleantech IPOs over the past few years, one can track the continuing rise of the clean tech sector in China.  Since 2009, China's IPOs have accounted for the over 60% of money raised, and over 50% of cleantech IPOs by number.

And while this trend challenges U.S. investors, over 80% of cleantech Chinese joint ventures involve western partners.

A recent study from Pricewaterhouse Cooper,"The U.S.-China Cleantech Connection: Shaping a new Commercial Diplomacy" describes ambitious Chinese-U.S  collaborations coming together to leverage cleantech opportunities within and beyond the U.S. and China markets.  For example, U.S. and other foreign firms are poised to contribute needed technology and expertise if and when cleantech vehicles in China gain the level of traction automakers and legislators are hoping for.

 Tim Carey, U.S. cleantech leader at PwC adds, "With the sudden increase of U.S. and China cleantech investments, the opportunity exists for U.S. companies to begin nurturing partnerships with both large and small fast-growing companies within China. Partnerships built on mutual cooperation, trust and a clear understanding of each country's business conditions and needs will pave the way for long-term relationships and significant economic growth."

In his opening remarks at the Clean Energy Forum in January 2011, Zheng Bijian, Chairman of the China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy, reminded participants that Chinese investment in the United States surpassed United States investment in China last year.  

"The countries’ economies are increasingly interdependent – as are the energy and environmental challenges they face," Zheng said, “It is both necessary and possible to work together,” 

What do you see as the most exciting U.S.-Chinese collaborations in cleantech?

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